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Kayvic is a cornice restoration business in Wales, offering expert craftsmanship for 46 years. We have 5 star reviews, and our handmade cornices are fitted with our in house fitters. Our core values of dependability, quality, and expertise ensure that all our work is of the highest standard. Our restoration services are perfect for any home, and we guarantee satisfaction. Contact us today for all your cornice restoration needs.

Cornice And Restoration Services in Wales | Kayvic | Dependable, Quality, Expertise

Dependable Cornice Restoration

Quality Handmade in Wales

Expertise for 46 Years

In House Fitting

5 Star Reviews


Repair, Replace, & Restore Your Cornices

 We know that cornices can be a beautiful addition to any home, and when something goes wrong, it's important to have the right team on your side. We specialize in cornice restoration and can bring your cornices back to life in no time.

When it comes to repair, our team of experts uses the latest techniques and materials to make sure your cornices look as good as new. Whether it's a cracked corner or a chunk missing from an edge, we can fix it up quickly and easily. Our repairs are guaranteed to last for years to come.

If your cornices are beyond repair, we can also replace them with brand new ones. We'll work with you to find a style that fits your space perfectly and install it professionally. And if you'd like something unique, we can create custom cornices that match your vision exactly.

Finally, if you'd just like to give your existing cornices a fresh new look, our restoration services can do just that. We'll clean, sand, paint, and seal your existing pieces so they look like new again. Whether you're looking for a simple refresh or a complete overhaul, our team is here to make it happen.